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LeBron’s arrival in L.A. motivates Todd Gurley to work harder

Getty Images Los Angeles apparently is big enough for the Lakers and the Rams, but a key member of the Rams understands that, with LeBron James coming to town, everyone on every other sports team needs to step it up.
No, running back Todd Gurley isn’t threatened by LeBron and the Lakers.
Gurley is motivated by it.
He explained the situation during a special Saturday visit to #PFTPM, recorded during a break in the Hyundai Youth Football Camp held at Santa Monica College.
It’s one of seven Hyundai camps held throughout the country.
Gurley addressed plenty of other topics during the 12-minute chat, including his impression of the new defensive arrivals, his reaction to his Madden rating of 91, his recent comments regarding the potential connection between a work stoppage and guaranteed contracts, and more.
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