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Who will make a play for Le’Veon Bell?

Getty Images With Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell not playing this year and, in turn, in play to be signed by the highest bidder in March, the question becomes who will the highest bidder be?
Key football factors include needing a high-end tailback and having a willingness to let him be a workhorse.
Significant cash and cap space is a given.
From a business standpoint, the teams that chase Bell will be looking to create buzz, sell tickets, win headlines, and establish a sense of hope for 2019 and beyond.
Teams to watch most closely include the Jets, Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Colts, Raiders, Broncos, Eagles, Washington, Packers, and Buccaneers.
The Jets should be the team to watch the most closely, depending on who the coach will be in 2019.
Unless the next coach will be planning to use a rotation at running back, Bell would definitely make sense — if the overriding goal is to get the fans motivated to part ways with their money.
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